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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, firestorm. the disaster in california taking more lives. and burning more homes. >> there were embers everywhere and the wind would just go crazy. >> the new risk, the shocking scenes of devastation and the forces now joining the firefight. new overnight, the president fights back. what he's saying about reports that he's about to fire his chief of staff and what he really meant when he challenged rex tillerson to an i.q. test. bombshell allegations. gwyneth paltrow, angelina jolie and now more women are coming forward against harvey weinstein. >> he returned in nothing but a robe with the front open and he was buck naked. >> hear the new
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overnight from the growing sex scandal that brought down one of hollywood's most powerful men. a shocking loss for team usa. mad hatter? the robbery suspect known for switching up his head gear on the run right now. we do say good morning on this wednesday. we'll start with the historic fire disaster in northern california. the death toll climbing overnight to at least 17. >> hundreds more are unaccounted for as fires rage around wine country engulfing neighborhoods. dane daneia has the latest. >> reporter: to give you guys a scope of the devastation around me are signs of the intensity of this fire. house after house is gone. now just charred cars and chimneys on lots that were once
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firefight continues. the massive wildfires in california's wine country are burning out of control stretching firefighters to their limits. >> we have folks on the fire lines starting their third shift right now that have not been relieved. >> reporter: throughout sonoma county entire neighborhoods devastated. >> this fire was fast. >> personally i think it'll be one of the worst disasters in california history. >> reporter: at least 2,000 residences and businesses have been destroyed like this winery and hotel. >> we were awoken to a red glow coming out of the north and had just minutes to actually get out of the house, wake our kids up. >> reporter: crews battling f e fires in santa rosa were forced to let homes burn. >> we don't have a lot of water so the water supply is difficult. it's better to let it burn. >> reporter: nearly 200 people still unaccounted for as the death toll could rise. mike
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for 75 years died when the fire tore through their home. >> it hit so fast and they just didn't have a chance. my mother had a stroke and she couldn't move very well at all and my father certainly never would have left her. >> reporter: in southern california firefighters are finally getting the upper hand, dousing hot spots in the charred remains of homes. as far as a cause for this fire, crews say they are focusing on saving lives first, property second and then containment of those flames saying that cause investigation will come later. >> they have their hands full with more than a dozen fire, danya, dathank you. a new move by forces, two b-1 bombers flew over the sea of japan escorted by south korean and japanese fighters. the air force calls it the first mission of its kind. this comes a day after reports came to light that suspected north korean hackers were able to steal
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plans by the u.s. and south korea. two top officers of the "uss john mccain" have been fired. the commander and executive officer were relieved two months after it collided with an oil tanker. ten sailors died in that crash. the navy calls it preventable saying one officer showed poor judgment and the other showed poor leadership. the president was back on twitter praising his chief of staff and railing about rumors of his departure. now the tweet follows earlier ones that escalated the president's feud with republican senator bob corker of tennessee and one that took an apparent swipe at the secretary of state. abc's arlette saenz has more from washington. good morning, arlette. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. president trump came out swinging against the media, a top senate republican and his own secretary of state. the relationship between president trump and his secretary of state is under the microscope. the president seemed to knock hi t
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after that report rex tillerson referred to his boss as a moron. i think it's fake news the president told "forbes" but he if did that i'll guess we' will have to compare i.q. tests and i can tell you who wins. >> no, i didn't undercut anybody. i don't believe in undercutting people. thank you very much, everybody. >> do you have confidence in rex tillerson? >> yes. >> reporter: he insists the challenge was a joke but he's not laughing about republican senator bob corker who in an interview with "the new york times" said this about the president. >> he doesn't realize that, you know, that we could be heading towards world war iii with the kinds of comments that he's making. >> reporter: the failing "the new york times" set little bob corker up by recording his conversation. was made to sound a fool and that's what i'm dealing with. we learned it was in fact corker who asked "the times" to record the interview, something else the president is not joking
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the president rose to john kelly's defense tweeting the fake news is at it again. this time trying to hurt one of the finest people i know, general john kelly by saying he will soon be fired. this story is totally made up by the dishonest media. >> it's unclear what report president trump is trying to dispute there, there don't appear to be any reports saying that kelly will be leaving his job any time soon but "vanity fair" did say that the relationship between the president and his chief of staff is irrepairable. diane and kendis. >> arlette saenz live from washington for us, thanks. investigators may have uncovered how the las vegas shooter got all those guns into his hotel room. sources tell abc news the shooter was given access to a service elevator at the mandalay bay hotel which was apparently a perk for high rollers at the casino. now, that perk would have allowed him to carry his luggage to his room bypassing security in the lobby. meanwhile, it was an emotional first home game for the las vegas golden knights hockey team.
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then held a 58-second moment of silence, one second for each victim of that shooting. they also withheld advertising along the ice devoting the space instead to messages that read vegas strong. >> now let's take a look at your weather for this wednesday morning. how is this for a contrast? this was monday in denver, the first snowfall, the bison were loving it but forget all that now, temperatures in the mile high city today could hit nearly 70 degrees. unseasonable warmth also continues in the northeast, m midsummerlike readings expected across the southeast. mostly in the 60s for the midwest and the mid-50s in the pacific northwest. 55 in seattle and 87 in new orleans. coming up more trouble for a major store chains o
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fixture in shopping malls. >> also an airbnb nightmare. renters find a camera pointed at their bed in a smoke detector. that's not the only location where they can be hidden. we'll show you. what's happening now to the police officer who arrested this hospital nurse for refusing to follow his orders?
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somebody help me. >> ace police detective has been fired after this video showing him arresting a nurse at a hospital for refusing to allow police to draw blood from ray car crash victim. that victim was unconscious and the nurse said police did not have a warrant for the blood. a salt lake city police lieutenant has been demoted. nearly three weeks after hurric
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rico the death toll from the storm is rising. 43 deaths are confirmed but that number could also still rise dramatically because of a looming public health emergency. reports of a dangerous bacterial disease are starting to surface and keep in mind a lot of the island is still without power and water and fewer than half of puerto rico's medical employees have reported to work since that storm. a stunning new report on childhood obesity finds ten times more children and teenagers are obese today than 40 years ago. the largest global study of its kind finds obesity rates are rising quickest in parts of asia and low to middle income countries. researchers blame an increase in the availability of processed foods. trouble for sears north of the border. sears cab da is closing all of its remaining stores. 12,000 will lose their jobs. airbnb is responding to a disturbing story from florida. a couple says they were
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regarded inside a home that they rented through the site. now, they say a camera was hidden there and it was looking directly at their bed. police later found two smoke detector cameras. airbnb's policy requires users to disclose any cameras and does not allow them in private areas. cameras can be hidden inside anything from an alarm clock to light switches, even inside towel hooks in bathrooms. well, police in south florida are hunting for a serial bank robber who appears to be a master of disguise, a suspect in at least four bank robberies wearing a different outfit and hat in each one. now, during one robbery he wore hospital scrubs and a surgical hat. on monday he wore a hat and this plaid shirt. last wednesday he switched things up again with an orange construction vest and another brown hat. >> so he doesn't like his hair very much. >> not at all. he thinks orange is the n
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a new outfit. coming up, why people who drink soda are rejoices in one major city. the commissioner of the nfl takes a new stand in the national anthem protest controversy. but first the bombshell accusations against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. just as we learned overnight that his wife is now leaving him. an ever. just walk right in and pay zero dollars with most insurance. plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. atblue diamond almonds wein our almondmilk.ia-grown and we're proud of that. but the whole "care-and-nurturing" part? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts.
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zero artificial sweeteners. according to feng shui, the bed should on it.orth east. you're trying everything to get pregnant. new one-a-day couples pack gives you both nutritional support you may need. for her to prepare for a healthy baby and for him to support healthy sperm. be in it together. he returned in nothing but a robe with the front open and he was buck naked. he told me to keep talking about my film and that he was going to hop into his hot tub that was adjacent -- >> that's one of several new women coming forward with allegations against harvey weinstein. gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie are also now among 13 women accusing weinstein of sexually harassing or assaulting them. >> overnight we got word that weinstein's wife of ten years is now leaving him. abc's linsey davis has more on the new allegations and fallout.
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bombshell accusation against harvey weinstein from gwyneth paltrow. she was 22 years old and weinstein had just cast her in a role that would catapult her career. >> such happiness this brings. >> reporter: paltrow tells "the new york times" that he summoned her to his show telethon suite and placed his hands on her and suggested they head to the bedroom for massages. the actress says she refused and later told brad pitt who confronted weinstein. a source tells abc news pitt told him to never touch her again. now she's coming forward saying this way of treating women ends now and more accusations, angelina jolie also tells "the times" she had a bad experience with weinstein in her youth and his behavior is unacceptable. now new questions about just how much hollywood knew or heard about weinstein. this joke by seth mcfarland at the 2013 oscar nomination ceremony. >> congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein.
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>> reporter: now possibly more damaging evidence against the former studio chief. >> i'm going to take a shower. you sit there and have a drink. >> reporter: the "the new yorker" obtained this secret recording from a sting operation by the nypd. weinstein is heard admitting to inappropriately touching an italian model. the audio has been verified by abc news. >> yesterday you touched my breast. >> please, i'm sorry, just come on in. i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? >> yes, come in. >> reporter: this sexual abuse case was never prosecuted. according to the d.a.'s office the audio was insufficient to prove a crime under new york law. ronan farrow wrote "the new yorker" expose. >> there is an evident problem with the understanding of no. >> reporter: weinstein has been fired. and a spokesperson told "the new yorker" any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. the district attorney says if they could have prosecuted weinstein for his conduct
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in 2015 they would have and now they're urging anyone who feels they were victimized by weinstein to contact them. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and one more note, the board of the weinstein company which includes his brother bob has now released a statement saying they are shocked and dismayed by the recently emerged allegations of extreme sexual misconduct and sexual assault by harvey weinstein. these allegations come as a an utter surprise to the board. matt damon is denying claims he tried to kill a "new york times" story about weinstein back in 2004. damon says that he is sick to his stomach over the assault allegations. the nfl is taking on the national anthem protest controversy. team owners will take up the issue at their annual fall meeting next week and could decide on a new policy. now, this comes after league commissioner roger goodell sent a letter to all 32 teams saying, quote, everyone should stand for the national anthem. it's an important moment in our game. goodell did not elaborate on how the league might change the
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players should stand for the anthem. but are not required to. in the meantime, former coach mike ditka is taking eat for what he said during a radio interview about players protesting racial injustice. he said there's been no oppression in the last 100 years that i know of. later when he was asked to address the comment he told our chicago station on the phone, getting too old for this. i respect the game. i respect our country and then he hung up. >> it was a shocker for team usa. >> absolutely. coming up the reaction poring in overnight after team usa managed to do something it hasn't done since the '80s. and the secret sauce. protests erupt over mcdonald's special szechuan dipping sauce. if you want some, it'll cost you. needles. essential for vinyl, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra
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♪ time for "the pulse" starting with a catastrophic loss for the u.s. men's soccer team. >> their fight to reach the world cup ended abruptly last night with a stunning loss to trinidad and tobago. they lost 2-1 and that means they'll be the first u.s. team to miss the world cup since 1986. fans took to twitter to vent. >> trinidad, by the way, ranked 99th. so d rob points ow the population of iceland, 334,000 and puts the u.s. population at 323 million and says we can't find 11 players to make a squad to qualify for the world cup. iceland in the world cup. >> christine hu saying i now fully understand how the atlanta falcons felt after this year's super bowl? >> too soon. dyllon said the u.s. probably could have beat trinidad or tobago. definitely not both, together they're just a force. >> the worst part, the score,
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2-1 and had an own goal. >> ah, that was embarrassing. all right. next to chicago's much maligned soda tax. it has been crushed by a successful taxpayer revolt. >> cook county officials voted to repeal it on sugary and artificially sweetened drinks. chicago residents were angry over what they considered a boldfaced money grab masquerading as a public health initiative. >> it was about a penny per ounce so it adds up. >> they want their soda back. >> yes. we'll have a new development in the mcdonald's hot sauce saga or seven juan sauce to be exact. >> we reported about their epic fail to provide fans with the special edition packets of szechuan dipping sauce. it backfired resulting in mob-like stampedes. seriously at stores across the country. now some ebay sellers are capitalizing. >> at least one more packet of the sauce is now up for sal
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price of $5,000 plus pl3 bucks r shipping. some aren't selling the sauce by a photo of the sauce. just a printout. highest bidder? no? a farmer in washington state is now in the record books, joel holland just grew a pumpkin that weighs more than 2300 pounds. >> wow. the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in the u.s. and the second heaviest ever in the world. that great pumpkin earned him $16,000 in a prize money at a competition in california. >> i bet. >> he won thebreaking news this morning-- multiple people shot overnight in northwest washington. police responded to the 62-hundred block of 8th street just after midnight-- and found three men, all with gunshot wounds. police say two of the victims were rushed to the hospital-- where they died. there is no word right now on the condition of the third victim.
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a beloved karate instructor, arrested and charged with sexually assualting a student. police say 54-year old frank pugarita touched the teen inappropriately during class, and they believe there are more victims. however, several coaches, parents, and students gathered to voice support for the coach, saying they do not believe the charges. good morning washington. toss to eileen today: mostly cloudy, rain likely early (before noon) followed by spotty afternoon light showers. mild & muggy highs: 70-75 winds: e 5-10 mph tonight: occasional showers with fog developing lows: 60-65 winds: e 5 mph thursday: showers, drizzle, breezy & cool highs: 65-67 winds: east 5-15 mph, gusts 20 developing now in malaysia. prosecutors delivering stunning new testimony in the developing now in malaysia. pr
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delivering stunning new testimony in the trial of two women, accused of assasinating the brother of kim jong un. developing
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delivering stunning new testimony in the trial of two women, accused of assasinating the brother of kim jong un. today-- prosecutors showed the court new video of the attack inside kuala lumpur airport. moments after rubbing a deadly toxin on kim jong nam's face, the women both hurry to the bathroom with their arms outstretched. prosecutors say it proves the women knew they were handling poison, despite claims that they thought they were working for a prank show. nam died minutes later. the women could face the death penalty if convicted. back here-- a new rule in maryland will make it easier for homeowners to utilize sites like "air bnb". in a unanimous vote, the montgomery county council passed a bill allowing short-term home rentals. people will be able to rent rooms for up to 120 days if they are out of town. there will also be a six-renter maximum. homeowners must offer at least one parking space on the street...
4:28 am
also notify their neighbors when applying for a license. the bill is set to become law in july. elsewhere in montogomery county- the school board is asking for help as they word on a new school calendar. the board has voted to send a letter to governor hogan- asking him to reconsider the ending date of the school year. the district has been weighing possible cuts to spring break and religious holidays. they say they're forced to do that because of the governor's constraints on starting after labor day - and being done by june 15th. the governor says instead of threatening holidays and breaks - the district should find time during teachers union service days. and speaking of calendars-- it's hard to believe the holidays are around the corner. and the lottery for the national christmas tree lighting - starts this week! starting at 10a-m on thursday- you can apply for a chance to attend the 95th annual festivities. applications are open until 10 a-m on monday. you can find more information at it's xx and we're just getting started. just getting started.
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we are following we are following breaking news in northwest-- police investigating a triple shooting that has left two men dead. it happened in the 62-hundred block of 8th street just after midnight. responding police officers say two of the victims were rushed to the hospital-- where they died. there is no word right now on the condition of the third victim. police have not released any information about the shooter, or what may have sparked this violence. we have a crew on the way to the scene, and we will get an update at the top of the hour. good morning washington. today: mostly cloudy, rain likely early (before noon) followed by spotty afternoon light showers. mild & muggy highs: 70-75 winds: e 5-10 mph tonight: occasional showers with fog developing lows: 60-65 winds: e 5 mph thursday: showers, drizzle, breezy & cool highs: 65-67 winds: east 5-15 mph, gusts 20
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happening right now-- the damage and the happening right


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